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Breakfast Of Course’s bewitching dishes will have you floating

There is food, and then there is food, the kind of substance that you wake up wanting. The kind of dish that you walk around dreaming about, hungry for nothing else. Maybe you think I’m exaggerating. Maybe you haven’t had one of Mary Haglund’s breakfast burritos.

She’s Winston-Salem’s good witch of comfort food, and she can put a spell on you….

Crackling hot polenta fries with a fiery smoked chile aioli, and maple bacon ice cream made locally by Blue Ridge Ice Creams. What else would you want to eat after a night pub-crawling on Trade Street?….

To ensure your daily recommended allowance of cheese, order the Crispy Madame. It’s a terrific take on the croque-madame, a French sandwich. Fistfuls of Black Forest ham and Swiss cheese are tightly wedged between buttery slabs of sourdough. The whole thing is finished off with a gently fried egg and a buttery Cacio de roma cheese sauce. You will try not to eat all of it, but you’re likely to fail….

The sunny-side-up egg on the burger is a stroke of genius…..

* * * * (out of 5)

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