Southern Biscuit Success!

The 6 Days In November with Natalie Dupree:  a great success!

As the packed room of attendees can attest, there’s plenty of interest in Southern Biscuit making. Ms. Dupree gave an insightful demonstration of her technique and then spent a gracious amount of time answering any and all questions.
Many inquiries involved the fine details of achieving the proper balance of fluffiness, crispiness  or density.  Ms. Dupree answered them all with a straightforward Southern charm that enticed and enlightened.
Afterward  Ms. Dupree signed any of her 11 cookbooks for fans old and new.  Many enjoyed her personal words of encouragement and took the opportunity to pose with a celebrity chef.  Miniature biscuits were provided by Mary with country ham from Ronnie’s Country Store. Thanks to Carroll Leggett for his tireless efforts ion making this event a success.

A great turnout Winston! We think this bodes well for future events involving the culinary arts!

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