Liz Simmons is a North Carolina native who studied photography at the Savannah College of Art and Design.  An 11 year Winston-Salemite, she is known for her landscapes, insect, animal and archetypal figure painting; as well as her photography.  Liz painted the five panels in the Upper Dining Room. They are portraits of local models as Women Warriors. Instead of weapons, they carry kitchen implements. Each represents one of the Chinese elements, and all wear an endangered species mask.

Liz can be reached at:

John Blackburn is a Winston Salem native who has worked his entire life in art. Whether designing and building guitars, freelance advertising, carpentry, screenprinting, signmaking, carved sculptures, album cover art, or oil paintings. He designed the famous Apple Butter Baby logo for Mary’s Of Course, and updated it for the BOC logo. John built and painted the sign on the front of Breakfast Of Course.

John’s work can be found at:

Zap McConnell hails from Charlotte NC, but has been linked to Winston Salem since attending NCSA for dance in 1988. She is involved in all aspects of professional dance (performing, sets, lights, costumes, teaching, stage managing, producing, and directing), a direct environmental activist and an alternative highschool teacher. In the art world Zap is known for her recycled art, cartoon chapbooks, posters, murals, sculpture, and emotionally cathartic portraits. Her most recognizable style is the novel cartoon characters that adorn the wall in the Lower Dining Room.

Zap can be reached at:

Laura Lashley is native to Winston Salem and studied at the University Of Charlotte.  She is known for her photography, precious animal caricatures,  sign-painting, event posters, miniature shrines and mandalas. Laura has designed her own Art-O-Mat machine. She is self taught and amazes many others in the art community with her freehand painting skill. The largest mandala Laura has ever made is in the Lower Dining Room.

Laura can be contacted at:

Daniel VonSeggen Daniel grew up in Winston-Salem and studied Commercial Art and Graphic Design at Guilford Tech, followed by Nanotechnology a decade later at Forsyth Tech. He’s known for his web design, freelance graphic design as well as his metaphysical puzzles, robots, and surrealist paintings. Daniel has also designed two Art-o-Mat machines in collaboration with the Art-o-Mat project. Daniel’s work can be found on the ceilings of both the Upper and Lower Dining Rooms.

Daniel can be reached at:

Jason Blevins is a Winston Salem native,  self taught artist who has made it his lifework to study classical painting styles. Jason’s has always worked in the public sector with art supplies, framing, screen printing, and the like; and has been nicknamed ‘The Painter’s Painter’ around town. He has worked in Plexiglass mix media sculptures, interior atmospheres, still life and plein air painting, among other mediums. His mural of the Garden of Eden can be found in the Upper Dining Room.

Jason can be contacted through the site administrator at: