The building as we first saw it.  Built in 1929, it was originally a bank where the tobacco farmer’s came to deposit their money.  They would first go to the Big Winston warehouse across the street and sell the crop.  The second picture below is after the garage door was removed, replaced by a glass door.  Lastly, the front of the building, landscaped and with our logo-sign by John Blackburn.

The building was occupied by a roofing company right before it was renovated.   What a mess!  There was a large construction dumpster in the middle of what is now the lower dining room.  The second photo is the renovation underway…and the third is Zap McConnell, one of the artists who graces our walls.  The fourth photo is the unbelievable transformation!!

Below: the upper dining room…ugly, ugly, ugly!!!  Daniel Von Seggen, the artist who painted all the ceilings checking out his canvas.  The second photo is the framing out of the wait station in the upper dining room. Next, the finished product.  I love this room!  Pictures 4 & 5 are of the ceiling before and after Daniel’s ethereal sky.

The one & only Laura Lashley in front of the wall that will display her mandala.  The second photo is the finished piece…stunning!  By the way, she does it all free-hand!

That’s me in what will become my beautiful kitchen!  Hard to believe…and there it is!  My grand daughter, Chloe gives her Grandma approval.

Now for the outside!  The patio goes up!  We are so excited about this space!  It will be used for daily outdoor seating as well as functions.